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It's either laugh or cuss.
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Throughout high school he did the usual ghettonerd things: he collected comic books, he played role-playing games, he worked at a hardware store to save money for an outdated Apple IIe. He was an introvert who trembled with fear every time gym class rolled around. He watched nerd shows like “Doctor Who” and “Blake’s 7,” could tell you the difference between a Veritech fighter and a Zentraedi battle pod, and he used a lot of huge-sounding nerd words like “indefatigable” and “ubiquitous” when talking to niggers who would barely graduate from high school. He read Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman novels (his favorite character was, of course, Raistlin) and became an early devotee of the End of the World. He devoured every book he could find that dealt with the End Times, from John Christopher’s “Empty World” to Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth.”

From the short story The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which became a novel that won the Pulitzer prize.

So, comfortably racist sf & f genre? Take your genre authenticity and shove it. When we do us, when fangirls and fanboys write our chromatic realities, when we verb noire, we rise above you and garner awards that you couldn't dream of in your sf & f ghetto. You don't even need to recognize. Because those that have made you outcasts on account of your fidelity to genre? You've elided yourself. When Mike Chabon is given geek cred and folk like PAD are laughed at by other white writers who are publishing in the New Yorker and any Norton Anthology of choice? You've erased yourself from the conversation. When other scions of other racist institutions see us writing/creating/speaking our truths to power? And when we rock hard at it, they prefer to call us 'magical realists' or 'psychic storytellers' or award winning geniuses or whatever, and our books have ghosts, and tech, and monsters (that aren't based on us, though they are sometimes based on the likes of you). White people that don't consider you colleagues award us with Litcrit honors and this after those of us who write like such outsell you. When it comes down to is that amongst the fanboy and fangirl hordes, there are those who become writers within the genre, but outside of 'dom: what is often said of genre names that do come up in conversation is something not unlike, "Will who?"

ETA: A nerd. Not necessarily from the ghetto.
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We skipped March, so this Carnival, our ninth, incorporates some discussions from last month as well as this.

'What I heard about you, and what that meant for me' )


Apr. 27th, 2008 10:53 am
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[ profile] raz0rgirl made me a brand new icon!

I <3 it. Oh yes, I do. She is wooooonderful. :D

I wanted it specifically for the PoC in SF Carnival #9. But. Chickenbutt!

I am so happy and grateful because it is so pretty and fandom is MINE. Among others. So. :D Fandom is ours.

I'm even scrolling it for y'all as I like it so. :) )
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The People of Color in SF Carnival #9: "What I heard about you, and what that meant for me."

The theme, "What I heard about you, and what that meant for me" further addresses the theme of intra-poc/nonwhites relations as touched upon in the PoC in SF Carnival #8. This carnival focuses on the relationships poc and nonwhites have with characters and actors that are of color-nonwhite as well as aliens and magical creatures. The focus will be on science-fiction and fantasy, as well as speculative fiction and all the visual and media arts. Why the visual and other media arts? Because historically, even when the topic wasn't aliens in outer space or magical-and-mysterious creatures, foreigners and strangers decided to call different foreigners and strangers that are poc and nonwhite, aliens. And mysterious. And sometimes magical.

As in the POC in SF Carnival #8, as the phrases People/Fen of Color are not universally used terms, especially by fans living in Africa, the Caribbean, Central, Latin and South America, Asia, Oceania, and any other place I've missed/that's not in Canada or the United States, I encourage those who honor themselves according to their histories and cultures by defining themselves according to those realities to contribute.

Please post this notice far and wide if so inclined. And hosts are needed for subsequent Carnivals. Please volunteer!

Send your links to: skywardprodigal at gmail dot com

Deadline: April 27th
Host: skywardprodigal
Location: Soaring (aka skywardprodigal's LiveJournal)
Questions: skywardprodigal at gmail dot com

(With thanks to [ profile] ladyjax for her PoC in SF #8 announcements)

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Submissions for PoC* in SF Carnival #8: What Lies Between Us - Intraracial Dialogs are due on February 24th (Sunday).

If you have any questions, drop [ profile] ladyjax a line at ladyj dot 965 at gmail dot com.

*PoC refers to people of color in the American vernacular. It can also be used interchangeably with non-white if you're non-white and prefer that as an actual term.
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According to a [ profile] neadods, fandom isn't white. She's got picture proof to back that up, too!

Read and marvel!
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Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for casual racists to suck more.

And look, there's no need to wonder!

Wow. I'm so impressed by the community mod, [ profile] elvensorceress, though. Her post is made of win. Goodon [ profile] elvensorceress and [ profile] theloneapple.

Another thing I like about posts like 'A VERY IMPORTANT Note from the Mods' is that they're very much like roll call for people who might have trouble finding their ass in a bathroom-- well, if the bathroom were racism 101.

As silly bitchery goes, I haven't seen the like done with so little finesse in ages. Golf clap for [ profile] killerspork33.
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Setup: The original version of Nisay garnered some criticism.

[ profile] darlas_mom asked: "From genocide to celebrity assfucking in ten easy steps? WTF?! How could anyone think that could possibly be okay?!"

I came back with the following:

It's lifeaffirming. The people that live there are poor but happy even though they have much less than the fabulous young lovers.

"We're a couple of rich white guys and we're just on vacation and more in touch with our humanity than ever before." Cue sunset.

Maybe they'll adopt a smiling child and learn more about love and laughter as the child is more in touch with life, nature, and What's Really Important than kids back home.
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This time with straight-up disrespect.

"Hey, I feel left out. Maybe I've got a reason?" Is not an attack.

But I guess as far as SOME people are concerned, if you're not a member of a certain club, you should just be grateful if you're allowed to pass. Maybe.

I mean, am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? What do I think I'm seeing? Variations on, "Shut up, how dare you bring your religion/self/identity/agendas into fandom. Who do you think you are?"

ETA: Don we now our flameproof armor: one fan's perspective on the discussions regarding [ profile] mamadeb's post.
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Race in Earthsea: does it really matter?

Some of the links are active. If you know of replacement urls for the deadlinks, please let me know.

In rereading the comments from that original post I see that three years ago, I had more patience with the white privilege tango. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend in discussing badly behaved people. I said, "The burden is, to know that good manners are the responsibility of the person who has them. Which means in order to exercise them I must be more mindful of how I behave."

"Or," she said. "You could just hang out with better people."
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What happened was, I tired of having a super short list of black actors/models I knew who could play a credible-looking Storm/Ororo Munroe. I hit the modeling sites, and would right-click pictures of photogenic black women. And occasionally, I'd see an Asian (usually East Asian) model and I'd take a photo of her. And then, I saw Kajol in KKHH and thought, "Wow, a brown-skinned beauty that reminds me of me!" Dreamy eyes, heavy thighs, slightly haphazard grooming, and all. It was nice to see women that were beautiful in the way I'm beautiful rather than beautiful while being stick-like/starved-looking who were richly dressed and physically active. So I started right-clicking those. And also, I figured that the subcontinent was crawling with dark-skinned women who know their way around a makeup tray, so maybe I should study the variety of looks employed on making them up so I could better work what I had going for me in the looks department. Because, let's face it, American media wasn't helping me develop a repertoire of looks because even while I've got a cute figure and a great face, I'm full figured and dark. As a friend sometimes says, "Let's face it, if you're a white woman and you're not blonde, that's problematic. So what are the rest of us supposed to do? Let it be understood that nobody, except for a very few, are allowed to have natural hair."

Rather than bitch about it, I elected to give my attention to pretty poc. Eventually, I made The Dailies as an index of pictures of poc I found gorgeous.

I found that it did my inner eye, and the two physical ones, a world of good to look on pictures of poc. It could very well help people who claim, "I'm just not attracted to them" figure out what beauty really means to them apart from their ingrained prejudices. Go look, join up, open your eyes. There are many different ways to be beautiful.

[ profile] crantz hosts my picture sites (yay Crantz!) and I <3 him for it.

Anyway, link to the site, do not hotlink, and advise people to go there and look, really look and try and see what's pictured and feel whatever feelings they have about that. Many many many people are afflicted with the, "If you're white, you're alright; if you're brown stick around; and if you're black get back" disease. Heal yourself. Find the sore spot on your chest (3 inches down from the u in your clavicle and 3 inches over from that) and while rubbing it say "I am so grateful that I can see the beauty in what's in front of me" or "I am so grateful that I can really see what's in front of me".

Pass this on. Maybe it'll help with the darkside of being colorblind.
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...sometimes unexamined biases get the better of an author. While that may not mean much to some readers, it can annoy and offend others. As it is, variations of "Shut up" and "Go find something important to be bothered about" and "Who can win? You people either complain that no one's writing characters of color, but when someone writes them, you jump on them for not doing it right" appear.

Anyway, I'm reposting this with permission from [ profile] coniraya who originally posted this in their lj:

"So remember that whole bru-ha-ha in my journal over an SGA AU community and the brown folk and women being given lesser jobs that they deserved as comparatively to the white folk. Well some wrote a story (different AU same problem, no Teyla and everyone else has a high-powered job except for Barista!Ronon) and a friend made a comment (which was right on in my opinion) then three people jumped on her tail. She asked me for help and I went over and commented but I feel like it might turn crazy. So this is kind of a call for anyone willing to provide a little back-up. It hasn't jumped off yet but I have a feeling it might. Have a look."

For the rest of the post, and the ensuing invective, go here.

As for me, I look at it like this: meeting unconscious stupidity with deliberate contempt may not be nice, but I'm tired. Usually, in fandom, I find that I have to be polite and patient in the form of steady, predictable, offense and disrespect when talking about race. Mostly, people who are white, or white-identified, tend to discount the opinion of a person of color when it comes to racism, prejudice, proportion, and offense. And they wonder why "all" the "black" kids are sitting together in the cafeteria.

I mean, what it comes down to is, that you gotta be Ghandi or MLK to play nice by some people's rules, and that's not nice enough, because there are still plenty of people, worldwide and statewide, that have a hate on for them both and that was in regards to life and death issues. So when it comes out in's seen as bitchery or pissing on someone's cornflakes...or being rude. "Too sensitive" is a term that gets thrown out a lot a lot a lot.

Anyway, this post is edited down from what it originally appears like, because the message is more important than my emotional reality. And, apparently, all those arguing on the 'Unconscious bias right there, okay!' side of the discussion don't get heard. Aside from a few polite people, I hate fandom right now.

And now, other people's commentary, which is less angry and quite carefully appears to be outlined according to b/e's 10 rules for discussing race with white/white-identified people:

Livia Penn's (Hypothetically-setting the context without excusing or endorsing flaming)

'zee's take (Pete Wentz v Jason Momoa, "Why is p0rning one the way it is but not when (and if ever) p0rning the other?)

mimesere's take (Watch that anger among other things.)

[ profile] ciderpress' "Could you maybe take a look at what's right there if you got the eyes to see it?")

[ profile] telesilla's ("Bulletpoints to those who love subverting texts.")

[ profile] carlanime's "I’d point out the mote in your eye, but then there’s that chip on my shoulder." (this is the public version)

[ profile] rydra_wong's extensive list of related links (Good list, continually updated list).

[ profile] witchwillow's "Wherein I Pimp My Roommate's Coming Essay Like A Hard Hard Thing"

Re: The SGA Debate (...It's a perspective on this mess.)

[ profile] livapenn's I suspect I'm able, and I choose, to approach racism without the "tone" that bothered so many people because I have the option to be less personally invested in it than many POC. ("If it comes from a white fan with cred, will ya try to get it?")

[ profile] umbo's Meta thoughts (Some Supernatural ideas come in too. And boy, the equating of being attracted to characters of color, and being attracted to fictional incest is damn squicky. DAMN. And people wonder why discussions of race & perceived race in fandom get heated.)

[ profile] witchqueen's She got her ghetto pass the old-fashioned way. She *earned* it. (Zvi's advice on dynamics and 'dogpiling'.)

[ profile] monanotlisa attempts to be rational while riding the line:
One underlying assumption seemed to be that we're all beyond that -- that we've created this queer female space of internet fandom and the least offensive realm in existence already. Which doesn't take into consideration that our sandbox is neither uniform nor free-floating. Even within SGA fandom, if only you edge into John/Elizabeth or pretty much any Elizabeth/male territory, you'll find icons with captions like, "John Sheppard is not gay!" and enraged posts on that subject. If you look around within the slash world, you'll find ficathons that focus on killing Elizabeth. I'm not an Elizabeth fan, but I had to swallow pretty hard at seeing that. Is the thought of structurally demoting Ronon and/or Teyla in some fics sometimes in part due to the shade of their skin really so out there?

[ profile] yeloson on the backlash from some discussion at SNR:
Fandom in particular, I think has a couple of things going on with it above and beyond just the "OMG! POC voices!

First, I think it's that fandom has always been about a level of escapism, and a good deal of white escapism involves a world without POC, or POC who go along with the program with a smile. The idea of POC "invading" the fandom and actually participating destroys that fantasy right there.

I think very few people in fandom are actually socially marginalized. Granted, there's always going to be the wackos (believing they're Frodo, in the Matrix, or whatever), but a lot of the people who went crazy over the blackface discussion were actually socially well adjusted in real life- until suddenly I spoke on race.

What I think it is, is that they can't "escape into" fandom away from us. We're part of fandom too, and fandom is online, ergo... This sends a lot of them into a panic (see the backlash to the girl who played Harry Potter's love interest...) Neither the fantasy of a world without us, or a magical online existence without our voices can exist, and they don't know how to live without privilege, so they lash out.
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Saw Earthsea, and, lo, it sucked. Not hard-work for no pay on broken asphalt with the cops coming around the corner, but, it wasn't all that good. That's okay. In tvland, not everybody gets their cookie before it's time to go home.

Anyway, )

ETA: links

[ profile] buggery's rant
[ profile] ide_cyan's Stephen King's Super-Duper Magical Negroes
[ profile] kassia06's say on authorial intent
[ profile] leadensky's Race in Earthsea - is it that big of a deal?
[ profile] minisinoo's Go Nina
[ profile] ninamonkey's Wizard of (White)sea and more...from a Non-white Perspective
[ profile] yonmei's Earthsea bleached

Nalo Hopkinson's Ursula Le Guin on the Earthsea television series
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu's Stephen King's Super-Duper Magical Negroes at Strange Horizons
David Steritt's Face of an Angel
Jack Womack (a sci-fi author that conceives of worst-case-scenarios re: race in America)
So Long Been Dreaming a post-colonial sci-fi reader

blackfolk thread
[ profile] deadbrowalking thread 1 and 2
Earthsea Wank
imdb message board thread
slate message board thread

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