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We skipped March, so this Carnival, our ninth, incorporates some discussions from last month as well as this.

'What I heard about you, and what that meant for me' )
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It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat = how white feminists betray black women (poc) while fighting for the same things.

That's one reading. There are many others. But that's mine.

(Thanks, rw).

ETA: There are 'I don't like rap music' comments and, okay, I'm *fully* aware of how problematic heavily marketed mainstream gangster rap is, but hey, misogyny and gangsterism are as American as apple pie, hot cars, and highways that roll smooth like glass provided the federal funding is in and it's the interstate or a 'better' neighborhood. *cough* I've been automatically killfiling people who mention they don't like rap. I don't even know why people have to say that.

It's not like I love rap, but 'I don't like rap' codes a certain way for me in the context of that awesome vid? 'I don't like rap' translates into (like with Buffy and the Buffy-verse) black, primitive men-- who have their purposes for a girl, even if rap means power and conviction in a very specific context-- are far less palatable than vampires that literally appropriate the life blood and physical totems (power) of women of color.

How the hell did Buffy equate redeeming problematic power with putting it squarely in the hands of the epitome of young white womanhood and undying, white manhood provided it's subordinate to white womanhood?


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