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What: Nigra sum, sed formosa.
From: Star Trek 11/AOS/reboot
Who: Spock and Uhura
Why: "I am black and beautiful" and the way of a man with a maid is a wonder under heaven. Even if the man isn't human.
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Massive caps spam )

Got pics of poc extras in Trek TOS? Happen to know the names of any of the characters/actors pictured? Please say as much. Thank you!


Jun. 3rd, 2009 12:45 am
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Inspired by Dee squee @ [community profile] ontd_startrek. T'ain't safe for work.

Most of these pics are from Robert Wise's "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

A little bit Gibb )
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The gif's from odella/Mudd's Women. The icon's from the Trek reboot.

Tee + Hee = s/u*

*Tee + Hee key )
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Frankly, I was extremely jealous of his scenes with Zoe Saldana, and I think it’s totally unfair that I never got to do that. I will never forgive the writers and the director, for having put me in this position, to have to be watching that, rather than participating.


Can't. Stop. Laughing.

ETA from [community profile] spock_uhura:
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All I'm saying is, Spock/Uhura?

This ship is old school.

Where do you think he's looking?
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Why are folk 'all of a sudden' shipping Spock/Uhura?


Yah, okay, so it's been said, and written, that Uhura and Spock had a special relationship (that he was her mentor).

That's fine. Whatever. Stuff/racist Desilu/racist NBC/Gene didn't want to pay her more/give her more lines, etc. Aight, it wasn't explicitly stated in the show.

But, there's FOOTAGE, old school footage, where Uhura serenaded him. )


Uhura totes hit on him and literally made Spock hot(er) under the collar. )

There has also been some fic. And that's the 'net. Does anybody want to break out scans/captures from ancient-of-days zines?

Hit me with relevant links if you've got 'em.


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