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The Invisible Artist: An Interview with Storyboard Artist Elizabeth Colomba

Official Site

The content and countenance of my painting are intentionally classical, but their participants are not. It is the imaginary fruit of two tribes’ encounter, the reconciliation of two ethnic groups through art, by means of myths, religious iconography and folklore. Representing traditional figures as black allows me to address an inspirational universal message from Africa, and by extension, from everyone of African descent. I manifest my will and hope for inventing a fraternal world. Black people are an integrant part of History and, undoubtedly, play a decisive role; however, they were essentially profiled, in the pictorial world before the 20th century, as anonymous subject studies. Their status, at the time, could not dictate any other depiction, therefore their place in the Oeuvre was secondary. The heirs of the African continent will find a prestigious, illustrious and dignifying imagery in my work, a portrayal that crosses racial lines. It’s a setting in which each community could expect a mutual respect, and coexist in a world where the color of their skin will hold no more significance than their height. Artists such as Picasso or Braque knew how to insert black art into the Occidental world. I would like to insert black people into Western art.

Thanks to [personal profile] cleojones for the heads up on Colomba.
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Some of these are joyful, some of these are loving, some of these are full of grief.

India.Arie's Brown Skin, original version.

Rickie Spice - Brown Skin )

Sanchez - Brown Eye Girl )

Bob Randall - Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away) )

Blackstar - Brown Skin )

Got pretty/thoughtful videos or poems to share? Please link.
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9 minutes of n-words and f-bombs )

More Ruckus

It's either laugh or cuss.
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The one drop rule says 3 out of 4 ain't bad!

Self Love

Mar. 23rd, 2009 12:46 am
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"While RaceFail09 has many similarities to imbroglios about race and racism in the past, I believe its events have gained a unique momentum because they are not focused on one instance of racial prejudice, but spring from something enormous: challenging white authority.

I didn't grasp this until I compared RaceFail09 to Jim Crow era reckless eyeballing; the actual offense behind the label reckless eyeballing is challenging white authority."

From Reckless Eyeballing in the 21st Century

What is changing at this point, is that we're giving up the hope of working with broken social contracts. We're giving up on trying to engage in negotiations and reconciliation with people and groups that place their primacy and our marginalization as a price to admission. We're making our own.

From You left me outside and now you want in

From PoC in Fantasy: Reflections of Ourselves
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Linked from [ profile] ingrid_m's Lady of The Two Lands a Gaeta and Dee things that never were fic.
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Hey white people, if you want to know what other white people have been saying, writing, drawing about black people in Europe and the Americas get yourself a copy of Jan Nederveen Pieterse' White On Black. It's published by Yale press, and Pieterse is a white European.

While you're waiting for that book to get into your hands, check out [ profile] ladyjax's PSA: Images of Blackness.

This is your culture. Sadly, lots of people of color know more about how white folk carry on in regard to us than y'all do. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to hide something from a racist, put it in book. I'm not saying you're a racist if you don't read it, but white ignorance about white hatefulness is another aspect of white racism as far as I'm concerned. Book learning. Git you more. That way you can talk to white people that are stuck on racist (and can't recognize it for such) because mostly, white folks (deliberately racist and otherwise) sure don't make it a point to listen to people who aren't white.

Yoko Ono

Feb. 18th, 2009 12:18 pm
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It's this influential woman's birthday! There's a stunning five-part article on her and I think it a must read. It's great article that not only tackles the so-called Yoko problem but puts Yoko at not only the center of the story most commonly told about her, but at the transformation in art and media that took place in the 60's.

There're discussions on it at earth-tone and [ profile] sex_and_race.


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