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See that? That's an Asian woman on the cover of a fantasy novel. If you had to rub your eyes, s'okay.

Cindy Pon's debut novel 'Silver Phoenix' comes out at the end of April from Harper Teen.

Pon discusses publishing it in [ profile] coffeeandink's call for book recs.

Source: jonquil/deadbro's flist.

You can pre-order it from a local indie bookstore by clicking either here or here. (From [ profile] hari_mirchi)
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Hey white people, if you want to know what other white people have been saying, writing, drawing about black people in Europe and the Americas get yourself a copy of Jan Nederveen Pieterse' White On Black. It's published by Yale press, and Pieterse is a white European.

While you're waiting for that book to get into your hands, check out [ profile] ladyjax's PSA: Images of Blackness.

This is your culture. Sadly, lots of people of color know more about how white folk carry on in regard to us than y'all do. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to hide something from a racist, put it in book. I'm not saying you're a racist if you don't read it, but white ignorance about white hatefulness is another aspect of white racism as far as I'm concerned. Book learning. Git you more. That way you can talk to white people that are stuck on racist (and can't recognize it for such) because mostly, white folks (deliberately racist and otherwise) sure don't make it a point to listen to people who aren't white.
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They come from Mobile. Aiken. From Newport News. From Marietta. From Meridian. And the sounds of these places in their mouths makes you think of love. When you ask them where they are from, they tilt their heads and say "Mobile" and you think you've been kissed. They say "Aiken" and you see a white butterfly glance off a fence with a torn wing. They say "Nagadoches" and you want to say "Yes, I will." You don't know what these towns are like, but you love what happens to the air when they open their lips and let the names ease out.~ Toni Morrison/The Bluest Eye

Thank you, spiralsheep. :)


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