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What: Linguistics
From: Trek Reboot
Who: Spock'n'Uhura
Why: It's a how they met. I really liked this. It's Spock/Uhura. I recommend her Mermaid as well. I would well give a wide berth to the holography 1-3 even though they are the set-up for this story Linguistics. There are no trigger warnings and rape and physical abuse are a big part of the first (the Wedding Present). So, yeah. Caveat lector.
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What: Nigra sum, sed formosa.
From: Star Trek 11/AOS/reboot
Who: Spock and Uhura
Why: "I am black and beautiful" and the way of a man with a maid is a wonder under heaven. Even if the man isn't human.
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What: You Just Can't Win
From: Trek AOS
Who: McCoy & Uhura
Why: It's funny. McCoy fights dirty but he's a gallant, of sorts. And Uhura is sneaky. It's fun, it's short, the last line is gold.
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[personal profile] bana05's latest installment of her TOS Spock/Uhura series, Enough has rendered me bling-y. I couldn't tell you how many icons I've made. I know that that if iconning's a verb then I'm into the double digits at least.

Want, take, have: even if you're falling short of %99.9.

multiples )
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[personal profile] bana05 made me so happy with the latest installment of her TOS Spock/Uhura series that I broke out the jewelry.

24 )

ETA: And I can't seem to stop.
17 )

ETA2: With more "browny brown" gold and chocolate diamonds.
44 )

If you take, please indicate as much and specify if you're willing to share.
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What: Learning Ratios
From: Star Trek TOS (The Changeling)
Who: Uhura, Christine Chapel, McCoy, Spock, Nomad
Why: Because after Uhura's been mind-wiped, Spock has trust and Uhura and McCoy compete for Chapel's smiles. And because it made me happy.

An aside: the big thing about Uhura for me, apart from her being black and visible just beyond Kirk's shoulder in most bridge shots, was that Spock deferred to her expertise when she had to rewire a bridge circuit board in Who Mourns for Adonais (and that Sarek first tutored him in computers) but that when Nomad wiped Uhura's mind clean of all information, education and skills, Spock posited that she could be re-educated from the Enterprise's data banks.

She's *that* smart.
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Why are folk 'all of a sudden' shipping Spock/Uhura?


Yah, okay, so it's been said, and written, that Uhura and Spock had a special relationship (that he was her mentor).

That's fine. Whatever. Stuff/racist Desilu/racist NBC/Gene didn't want to pay her more/give her more lines, etc. Aight, it wasn't explicitly stated in the show.

But, there's FOOTAGE, old school footage, where Uhura serenaded him. )


Uhura totes hit on him and literally made Spock hot(er) under the collar. )

There has also been some fic. And that's the 'net. Does anybody want to break out scans/captures from ancient-of-days zines?

Hit me with relevant links if you've got 'em.
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What: Mutual Fangirling
From: Supernatural and Bones
Who: Castiel, Sam, Dean, and Tweets (whom I love, even though he makes NO sense as a character.)
Why: Because demanding fans and sonnets are love. And 'fourth wall, what fourth wall' is always funny to me.
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What: Happy Ending
From: Supernatural
Who: Sam and Dean, Sam and Dean Winchester
Why: The Book of Mormon and "How much fic did you have to read to find that?"
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Linked from [ profile] ingrid_m's Lady of The Two Lands a Gaeta and Dee things that never were fic.
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What: Hero for a New Age
From: SGA
Who: Ronon! Pay attenshun. He is love. If'n I rec an SGA fic, likely, him in it is why I'm reading it and going 'Read this here fic!'
Why: Because comic books are love. And of course the SGA personnel brought their comic books. And it's got these deft, sweet characterizations. And if you're allergic to slash, s'all good. And it's so good. You gotta love comics though. And it's Rodney teaching Ronon about Batman and Superman. And Ronon learning about the Fantastic Four. And Ronon teaching Rodney about his heroes. It's good. And there is great Lorne. Because Lorne is love too. With brushstrokes. And Teyla is not invisible. She's a martian manhunter maybe.
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What: Only a Ghetto Pass Will Allow You Safe Passage
Who: Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, and mostly the sexy people
From: Star Gate Atlantis
Why: Because people of color are love. And real allies not only know that, but have our backs.
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From [ profile] starlet2367 by way of [ profile] tesla321

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

These so didn't suck. I do some rewriting of them, but mainly, I try to close my eyes and imagine them happening.

Full, Star Trek: TOS, Sarek/Amanda. They're married. She's miscarried. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. I love it because I think I did right by antsy spiritual thing. Like, I really wanted one of the reasons that Sarek and Amanda was together was in part because of 'The All' aka G-D. I wrote it for a long-ago Holiday Fanfiction project. I was working really hard to deal with the alienness of Sarek, and also, the alienness of 'masculinity'. And also, an abbie doctor. No one's nailed me with that one yet, but c'mon, his name's Tigertail! I was really in love with Peg and Macedon's talking stick circle. Um. And now, I'm aware that the presence of a native name doesn't make my minor character a native. But still. It's there!

Two Breathe, Angel the Series: It's Cordelia, Angel, and Wesley (OMG, Wesley, you heroic man you!) after the Season 1 finale "To Shansu In LA". It's the way I like 'em. And I amazed myself with the ending line. I'm really proud of it. And I think I nailed the character voices, and, I got to make fun of...well, all of them.

Just A Girl, Gatchaman. I don't care, I wrote a Jun who is a geek, science-freak, can't cook, is desperate for love, sensual, sensible, romantic, humble, proud, giving, and wild. At least, I think I did. I stitched this together from some drabbles written for [ profile] nexus100.

Love Sponge aka ALG6. I didn't think Storm/Iceman was possible (ETA: until I read [ profile] poilass's Rain!), but I roped [ profile] kassia06 into writing (the still unfinished) "Days of Our X" with me where we tried to get from them being themselves to what you see in Love Sponge. I typed that with one hand covering my eyes, I was mortified. But, I thought I did a good job.

Drive or Fly, X-Men. Warren Worthington, Scott Summers/Jean Grey. I identify with Warren, okay? I've been there. But, unlike Warren, I didn't manage to be the bridesmaid equivalent. For story reasons, I think this is economical but dense. I tried to make every word count. And also, I like the first five. Juggling friendship and responsibility never gets old. And also, Jean so did used to kiss Warren full on the mouth. Just, not, with tongue. (I hope). And in greeting. And that never seemed to phase Scott, y'know? And I know the year for the Gullwing is wrong, but I consider Earth 616 to be an alternate of ours anyhow.

Hmm...who do I tag...?


[ profile] roguewords, [ profile] crantz, [ profile] coniraya, [ profile] karnythia, [ profile] fajrdrako

ETA: Heat Stroke is my favorite of [ profile] starlet2367's stories.
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"For most people, John F. Kennedy Jr was a character in a play, a character in a story, just the way Sherlock Holmes was. When he's lost, then people react very emotionally. Constantly rehearsing the details of somebody's life and death shows that people are trying to continue the story. We always try to do that when the story ends before we're prepared for the ending." Neil Postman at NYU.

(If you clink, click the link, you'll go to an article by Sheenan Pugh).

I like the quote.

The article amuses too. And it's got footnotes. :)

There's Geoffrey Chaucer/Robert Henryson, Colley Cibber/Sir John Vanbrugh, Conan Doyle/William Gillette. These are otps of a funner sort. Too bad Anne Rice/Vamp-chronicles-fans is a dead-duck-in-the-water.


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