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Mar. 23rd, 2009 12:46 am
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"While RaceFail09 has many similarities to imbroglios about race and racism in the past, I believe its events have gained a unique momentum because they are not focused on one instance of racial prejudice, but spring from something enormous: challenging white authority.

I didn't grasp this until I compared RaceFail09 to Jim Crow era reckless eyeballing; the actual offense behind the label reckless eyeballing is challenging white authority."

From Reckless Eyeballing in the 21st Century

What is changing at this point, is that we're giving up the hope of working with broken social contracts. We're giving up on trying to engage in negotiations and reconciliation with people and groups that place their primacy and our marginalization as a price to admission. We're making our own.

From You left me outside and now you want in

From PoC in Fantasy: Reflections of Ourselves
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Would anyone care to turn this into a "Miss Millie" award image?

Anyone feeling me? I need a special something for moments involving delusional, mean, and brittle individuals.
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That's right, there's science and then there's skience, but aside from investigations into the wetness of water, could it be that sometimes theory gets applied to social constructs in ways that are relevant to texts?

Like here )
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Saw Earthsea, and, lo, it sucked. Not hard-work for no pay on broken asphalt with the cops coming around the corner, but, it wasn't all that good. That's okay. In tvland, not everybody gets their cookie before it's time to go home.

Anyway, )

ETA: links

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Jack Womack (a sci-fi author that conceives of worst-case-scenarios re: race in America)
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blackfolk thread
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Earthsea Wank
imdb message board thread
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