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What happened was, I tired of having a super short list of black actors/models I knew who could play a credible-looking Storm/Ororo Munroe. I hit the modeling sites, and would right-click pictures of photogenic black women. And occasionally, I'd see an Asian (usually East Asian) model and I'd take a photo of her. And then, I saw Kajol in KKHH and thought, "Wow, a brown-skinned beauty that reminds me of me!" Dreamy eyes, heavy thighs, slightly haphazard grooming, and all. It was nice to see women that were beautiful in the way I'm beautiful rather than beautiful while being stick-like/starved-looking who were richly dressed and physically active. So I started right-clicking those. And also, I figured that the subcontinent was crawling with dark-skinned women who know their way around a makeup tray, so maybe I should study the variety of looks employed on making them up so I could better work what I had going for me in the looks department. Because, let's face it, American media wasn't helping me develop a repertoire of looks because even while I've got a cute figure and a great face, I'm full figured and dark. As a friend sometimes says, "Let's face it, if you're a white woman and you're not blonde, that's problematic. So what are the rest of us supposed to do? Let it be understood that nobody, except for a very few, are allowed to have natural hair."

Rather than bitch about it, I elected to give my attention to pretty poc. Eventually, I made The Dailies as an index of pictures of poc I found gorgeous.

I found that it did my inner eye, and the two physical ones, a world of good to look on pictures of poc. It could very well help people who claim, "I'm just not attracted to them" figure out what beauty really means to them apart from their ingrained prejudices. Go look, join up, open your eyes. There are many different ways to be beautiful.

[ profile] crantz hosts my picture sites (yay Crantz!) and I <3 him for it.

Anyway, link to the site, do not hotlink, and advise people to go there and look, really look and try and see what's pictured and feel whatever feelings they have about that. Many many many people are afflicted with the, "If you're white, you're alright; if you're brown stick around; and if you're black get back" disease. Heal yourself. Find the sore spot on your chest (3 inches down from the u in your clavicle and 3 inches over from that) and while rubbing it say "I am so grateful that I can see the beauty in what's in front of me" or "I am so grateful that I can really see what's in front of me".

Pass this on. Maybe it'll help with the darkside of being colorblind.
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Yesterday, I updated East Asia of The Dailies. The newest sections are Kazunari Ninomiya, Masaki Aiba, Matsumoto Jun, Sakurai Sho, Satoshi Ohno, and Ryo Nishikido.

This was, like, my least favorite update of The Dailies, ever. And I caught myself thinking, "You've got some nerve hating on anyone's looks. Who do you think you are anyway?" My own thoughts, they were of 'ick' to me.

I was so unhappy about it, I mean, these guys aren't people I would ever look at twice except to wonder why anybody would fuck up their hair like that. But, they're very popular on lj and they are East Asian, so into the index they went. In my self-pitying bitching with [ profile] silverthorne, I started throwing up links to guys I thought hot that were also up at The Dailies. She's an artist, and like [ profile] tvismyfandom, is really good at breaking down what one is looking at and why. Eventually, what she broke down for me was as follows: "You like beautiful men. They will never be mistaken for women. All of those guys you pointed me to would look horrible in drag. The ones you don't like? Would make beautiful women. You don't like the competition." Ya know, I never thought of myself that liked "manly" men. In fact, I would have sworn that I wouldn't be able to recognize manly if it was in my face...And I was RIGHT!

There are many different ways to be beautiful, and I don't have the eyes to appreciate it all.

Anyway, did I miss any other popular pop idols that are worshipped on lj? Have I missed any other people on lj?
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Aiba Masaki Aiba Masaki
Jun Matsumoto Jun Matsumoto
Ninomiya Kazunari Ninomiya Kazunari
Satoshi Ohno Satoshi Ohno
Sakurai Sho Sakurai Sho

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The following icons were cropped for the East Asia section of "The Dailies". The names of the media personnages are in the files. Some of these may seem merely repetitive, but they aren't really. We have Ken Watanabe, Greg Uttsada Pannichkul, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Tony Leung Far Kai, Edison Chen, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Joo Ji Hoon. We also have Grace Park, Bai Ling, Jeon Ji Hyun, Joan Chen, Linda Park, and Kelly Hu. I may eventually get around to linking to the individual pages.


Ken Watanabe, 3 )

Ladies' Oneshots, 6 )

Gentlemen's Oneshots, 7 )

Anyway, go you therefore and make icons, wallpapers and whatnot. And when you're done, please link back to them here? Please? Lovely. ! Anyway, want: take/have. Modify? Link/show.

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Here are some of the women I've updated to Multibeautiful. Thank you for not sharing the password and location. Directing people here however is fair game. Suggestions are welcome.

The ladies are Yoon Eun-Hye, Baby Naznin, Joy Bryant (Joseph Fiennes and Nicole Richie are in some of these), Lerato Moloi, "Keri", Thais Dos Santos Fernades/Fernandes, Agbani Darego, Manthra (aka Raasi aka Vijaya), and Lisa Nicole Carson.

The Ladies )
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Hello everyone! Here are more pictures that have been added to the pw-protected online archive "Multibeautiful. Thank you for not giving out the password and location of 'multibeautiful'. I would be sad to take down the entire archive.

In any case, if you've recommendations, comments, suggestions, or links to other photos, please let me know.

I can be reached at .

Oh! Click on "Last modified" so that you can see the last photo uploaded within a section.

Ladies: Garcelle Beauvais, Du Juan, Hye Rim Park aka Hye Park, Irene Bedard, Alex Rice, Maggie Cheung, Mallika Sherawat, Michelle Thrush )

Gentlemen: Aaron Kwok, Arjun Rampal, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Don Cheadle, Isaiah Washington, Joo Ji Hoon, Michael Greyeyes, Rahul Dev, Terrence Howard )
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Old school elegance and beauty in the way of Robeson and McKinney. I weep because there isn't much of Otis Young to be found.

Free Image Hosting at
Nina Mae McKinney

Free Image Hosting at
Paul Robeson

Free Image Hosting at
Otis Young


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