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Since the 4th, writers for [ profile] ibarw have been writing about race and ethnicity. Since the 9th, the Carnival of Women of Color and Beauty has gone live. Behind the cut, I've placed pictures and links to pieces drawn from these sources, as well as otherwhere.

The theme of ibarw has been intersectionality. I am fully a woman. I am fully a black. I am fully a person. In me they are inseparable. I believe that those who demand I choose are no more respectful of their humanity than they are of mine.

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The following icons were cropped for the East Asia section of "The Dailies". The names of the media personnages are in the files. Some of these may seem merely repetitive, but they aren't really. We have Ken Watanabe, Greg Uttsada Pannichkul, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Tony Leung Far Kai, Edison Chen, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Joo Ji Hoon. We also have Grace Park, Bai Ling, Jeon Ji Hyun, Joan Chen, Linda Park, and Kelly Hu. I may eventually get around to linking to the individual pages.


Ken Watanabe, 3 )

Ladies' Oneshots, 6 )

Gentlemen's Oneshots, 7 )

Anyway, go you therefore and make icons, wallpapers and whatnot. And when you're done, please link back to them here? Please? Lovely. ! Anyway, want: take/have. Modify? Link/show.

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